explain..why a pencil partly immersed in water appears to be bent at the water surface

A pencil placed in water appears to be bent because of refraction of light. The refraction causes an apparent shift in the position of the part of the pencil within the water.

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it is due to the the refraction of light due to change in media (air to water to air)

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When a pencil is obliquely dipped in water , the ray of light travelling from pencil to observer travel from denser medium to rarer medium & hence bend away from normal . In this way ,  every point of the dipped part of pencil has a virtual image slightly above the original position . So the pencil appears to be bent / broken at surface of water.



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Due to refraction the apparent position appears to be changed.

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 because due to refraction the dorection of propogation of light in water changes and hence the light rays bend reaching are eyes and our eyes assume the pencil to be bent

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its due to refraction of light

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this is so as the refractive index of air and water is different and light bends towards normal in water making the pencil to look as if bended.

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a pencil partly immersed in water appears to be displaced at the interface of air and water due to the phenomenon of refraction. this is because light comes from a direction above the actual position of the pencil immersed in water.


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this is because oof refraction.

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suppose two rays originate from the end of the pencil in water.as these rays get refracted into the air they bent away from the normal.when these two refracted rays are produced backwards they seem to meet at a point higher than the end of the pencil.this point gives the apparent position of the end of the pencil.thus,pencil appears to be bent.

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