explain why gases expand more than liquis and solids

Gases expand more than solids and liquids because,when solids are heated and form liquids and liquids form gases then the state of these is the lightest and most expanded and if more heated will expand faster.

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Gases expand more than liquids and solids because gases are made up of solids and liquids only... when solids are heated up liquids are formed and when liquids are heated up gases are formed and thus otherthan gases nothing is formed and they are the lightest and hence expand sooneerr...

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gases expand more than liquid or solid because their molecules are freely expanded and are less closer than the solids and liquids

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 as we all know there are three stages  ,solid liquid and gaseous 

solid state.   the molecules in in the solid are packed really tight with no space for the molecules to move

eg can be an ice.. its molecules are packed tightly and are harder

liquid state   ..in this molecules are not packed and are loose but not that in the gas.. they can move ..

eg water in glass

gaseos state in this state molecules are very loosly packed and hence occupies a lot of space

eg air

the two reasons of ur ques can be ; one told above and other that heating too makes the air expand

hope helps...

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when we hat a gas, the molecules of its start vibrating. the vibration of the molecules causes a change in the molecular distance and the volume changes considerably. and as gas are very losely packed,they expand he most .

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  • in solids the molecular arrangement is very close.they r tightly bound to each other.when heated they expand very small amount.
  • in liquids molecules are losely packed. when heated they expand more than solids.
  • in gases they are very losely packed. therefore when heated they expand a very large amount than solids and liquids.

hope this is useful.

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Gases expand more than liquids and solids because the molecules of gases because the molecules of gases are seperated from one another by wide spaces. When gas is heated (heat is a form of energy) its molecules began to vibrate fast and as a result begins to move away from each other.

In the case of liquid they are not allowed much movement becuse molecules are closer to each other than gases.

For solids they expand the least when heated because the molecules are most tightly packed. they keep on vibrating their fixed position.(a reason for solids" heating by conduction rather than convection as in gases and liquids.)

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Dear Friend,
As because gases expand more rapidly than liquids or solids because they are more lighter and the molecules of gases are seperated away from each other where as the molecules of solids and liquids are tightly or commonly packed.
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gas expand rapidly because their is low attraction then solid and liquid
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Heat causes molecules to move faster,(heat energy is converted to kinetic energy) which means that the volume of gas
increases more than the volume  of a solid or liquid.However, gases that are contained in a fixed volume cannot
expand - and so increases in tempreture in increases in pressure.
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bcz when heat is added to substance the  Molecule in it  spread faster

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Gases expand more than liquid or solid because the molecules of gases are separated from one another by wide spaces .when gas is heated (heat is a form of energy )its molecules began to vibrate faster and as a result begins to move away from each other .
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