Explain why lipids are obtained in retentate

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RETENTATE: It is the acid insoluble fraction of the cellular pool which is retained in the cheesecloth.
FILTRATE: It is the acid soluble fraction that passes through the cheesecloth. It is usually collected in a container.
Lipids are smaller weighted biomolecules whose size is much smaller as compared with macromolecules . In compound it present as cell and membrane like structure and are insoluble in acids. When we grind a tissue, we are disrupting the cell structure, cell membrane and membranes are broken into pieces, and form vesicles which are not soluble in water. Therefore, these membrane fragments in the form of vesicles get separated along with the acid insoluble pool and hence in the macromolecular fraction.  All the acids are either ionic or they insoluble in them. That's why lipids come under acid insoluble fraction although it is a micromolecule.

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