'Explain why staffing  is considered as the most important part of Human Resource Management?' What are the value points that one must include while answering this question? Are we to list the importance of the staffing function?

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Earlier, staffing was just process of filing vacant place in the organisation but with the pace of time it has became one of the most important function of management. The success of an organisation depends upon the performance of human resource. Human resource management is an element which develops human resource. HRM emphasises the human aspect of individual workers and their needs. Therefore staffing is considered as part of human resource management.


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Yes importance is to be mentioned
Because human resource are the most important assests of the company and those are the fundamental building blocks of company
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Staffing is considered as the most important part of Human Resource Management because:-
a. It initiates action.
b. Right people with right skills in the right job is very essential.
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