Explain why the blue colour of copper chloride fades away gradually during electrolysis?

During electrolysis the ions present in the electrolyte are Hand OH- from water and Cu2+ and Cl- from copper(II) chloride.

At the Cathode: 4OH- + 4e-  O2 + 2H2O
Oxygen from OH- ions is formed. Bubbles of colorless gas are formed.

At the anode: Cu2+ + 2e-  Cu
Cu2+ are discharged because copper is less reactive than hydrogen. A red brown metal is formed.

The left over ions are H+ and Cl- ions which bond together forming hydrochloric acid.

Copper Chloride solution is blue in color. But during this process, the blue color gradually fades away because copper chloride is being broken down. The solution becomes acidic becomes acidic because hydrochloric acid is formed.

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