explain why there is a need of variety of plants and animals in a forest?

Plants and animals are needed in a forest to maintain the balance of nature. In a forest plants produce energy which is consumed by herbivorous animals. Herbivorous animals are eaten up by carnivores. Thus all animals and plants are interdependent for their source of nutrition. Loss of a single variety of plants and animals may cause huge imbalance in the nature.

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The wide variety of animals helps the forest to regenerate and grow.  In forest, plants produce food. All animals, whether herbivores or carnivores, depend ultimately on plants for food.Organisms which feed on plants often get eaten by other organisms, and so on.

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Different animals and trees provides us different things. I we will have only 1 kind of plant or animal we would get only some products frm them not everything. So, thats why we need a variety of plants and animals.

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