Explain with an example how the interaction between biotic and abiotic components of an ecosystem gives survival advantage?

Biotic components are living components of a habitat which includes plants, animals etc. Whereas, abiotic components are the non living components such as light, water, air, inorganic nutrients, temperature etc. Both biotic and abiotic components are interdependent on each other.
For example, the interdependency of the biotic components like trees and living organisms and abiotic components like air, water, soil, temperature etc are related. The process of photosynthesis takes place in green plants in the presence of sunlight. The green plants act as the primary producers and are vital for the survival of the organisms further in the tropic level. Without sunlight the process of photosynthesis does not takes place; in the absence of photosynthesis, no food can be produced and the primary consumers do not have food for their survival, this could breaks the whole food web relationship that is from the producers to the herbivores and from herbivores to the carnivores in the ecosystem.

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Biotic components consists of living things whereas abiotic consists of non-living things.

The survival advantage given by both can be explained under the following points with the help of an example :-

Take a case of a dear.

A dear living in a forest breathes the oxygen (abiotic) and also drinks water( abiotic ), if the dear( biotic ) does not breath and drink - air and water respectively then the dear will die, so here abiotic components  become a survival advantage for a biotic component.

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