67. Which of the following is correct?
(a) Autoradiographs are "pictures" of a resulting DNA swquencing reactions and are used to infer the nucleotide sequence of a given DNA molecule.
(b) A single stranded nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) of known sequence or origin used to detect the presence of desired target DNAs is called probe
(c) Technique of insertion of a desired gene in DNA of plasmid vector is called Gene splicing
(d) All

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67) Answer : d) All the statements are correct.

a) Autoradiograph can be used to analyse the length and number of DNA fragments after their separation by electrophoresis. Auto radiography is a technique using X ray film to visualise radiolabelled molecules. 

b) At first, the probe is radiolabelled. Then this is denatured into single stranded DNA. This labelled probe can be used to hybridize the ss DNA (Southern blotting) or ss RNA (Northern blotting) immobilised in a membrane or in situ. DNA sequences or RNA transcripts that have similarity to the probe then can be detected by visualising the hybridised probe by autoradiography or other imaging techniques.

c) Gene splicing can be referred to a step during the processing of DNA to prepare it to be translated into a protein. This technique is applied in molecular biology to integrate various DNA sequences or gene into the DNA of cells.


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