explain with examples the productive,protective and recreational uses of forest .. Pls answer fast experts/members

The following points may help you:

a Forests , plants are important as they serve as the primary products on which other living beings depend and serve as basic food, fooder, raw materials for growth in the country.Forests are a great  source of many important herbs andmaterial having medicinal value. Thus  this is how they play a productive role

b.  Protective- Plants, forest cover play a major role in enhancing the quality of environment. Like forests we are also an integral part of the eco system.

c. They modify the local climate, control soil erosion, provide products which have medicinal value, forests provide shelter to many communities, it is source of livelihood for many communities.
They thus, maintain ecological balance and provide us with oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide

d.Forests also offer a beautiful scenic beauty and are a great source of recreation for people, providing fresh air, panoramic view.


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