Explain with reasons:
  • Solute can reach endodermis through apoplast but it moves through endodermis by symplast.
  • Insectivorous plants generally grow in waterlogged and swampy soils deficient in nitrogenous compounds.

     please answer this question as it is of 3 marks i.e, 1.5 marks each

Dear student,
  • Apoplast allows movement of water and solutes through the cell wall. Symplast allows movement of water and solutes through the plasma membrane and cytoplasm. In some parts of plants like in endodermis apoplast movement cannot take place. Only symplastic transport can pass through endodermis. Since the endodermis posses the apoplastic block due to the presence of suberin deposits which prevents the water movement. due to which solute moves through endodermis by symplastic pathway.
  • Insectivorous plants grow in soil deficient  in nitrogen because they can obtain nitrogen by capturing insects which is the very essential nutrients for plant growth.

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