extra questions-

1. why do we need management of natural resources? give four points.

2. what is meant by stakeholders? describe the role of different stakeholders in forest conservation.

3. what is sustainable development?

4. write the adventages and disadventages of dam.

5. what is water harvesting? Give different techniques of water harvesting in different states.

6. give various awards given for people involved in forest conservation.

7. what is chipko movement??

Dear Student have you seen the study material provided . Please go through your study material because the answer of all of your questions are given there. In case you find any difficulty please contact us back.

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 chalu dimag.....hmmm!!!!!

agar tu sckl aa rahi hai toh mere se le le ok.......kyuki itne saare questions the answer type karte karte raat beet jaegi ok....

c ya....

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