F. Long answer type questions :
1. Describe the method of sexual reproduction with the definition and example of human beings.
2. What are metamorphosis? Give one example.
3. What is fertilization and explain it with taking an example of human beings?
4. Differentiate between internal and external fertilization.
5. Explain the development of zygote? of foetus.

Dear student,

Owing to the fact, that these are long answer type questions, I request you to repost question number 3, 4 and 5 separately. 
Kindly find solutions to question 1 and 2 bellow:
1. Sexual reproduction is the production of offspring by the fusion of two gametes to form a diploid zygote which develops into mature organism. The act of fusion is called fertilization. At fertilization the nuclei of the gametes fuse, bringing together two sets of chromosomes, one set from each parent.
In Human beings the mode of procreation is sexual reproduction. Here the female body bears ovum /egg and male body produces sports. Sperms via chemotaxis reach the overall in fallopian tube. Here, the 2 gametes fuse to produce zygote which later gets implanted in the uterus.

2. Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal physically develops from birth to an adult and involves various stages. It involves changes in the animal body through cell growth and differentiation and commonly found in insects.
Example: Frogs and butterflies


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