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f2 please solve this . there i' •n Odd one be grouped in the same category to which the other odd term in each set and name the e.tegoty to oree belong: Example: Ovary. Fallopian tube. Ureter, Uterus Odd term: Ureter category: Parts of the female reproductive system prostate gland/Lacrimal glans. Bubo-urethral gland, i) Basophils, Neutrophils, Monocytes, Eosinophils i) Capillary force, Adhesion, Turgor pressure. W) Economic reasons, Illiteracy, Food shortage minneed, Lack v) Peristalsis increased, acceleration of heart beat, dilates brooch. bronchioles, Inhibits secretion of saliva Given below are groups of terms. In each group the first pair relationship between the two terms. Rewrite and complete the pair on a similar basis: Example: Oxygen: Inspiration::Carbon dioxide: Expratjon i) Diffusion: Occurs in solids, liquids and gases Osmos•s Occurs •n ii) Oxygen carrier: Haemoglobin:: Photolysis: ii) Dengue: Mosquito:: Cholera: iv) World Health Day: April 7:: Red Cross Day: v) Edward Jenner: Small pox vaccine:: Alexander Fbem•ng 2

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Granum of a chloroplast give rise to photolysis

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