family relationships sometimes undergo checks and trials and the best way to overcome this is to be frank with each other.discuss with reference to chapter shady plot

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  • Mutual trust and respect are the most vital qualities that are required for the growth and strong foundation of any relationship.
  • We see this in the relationship between John Hallock and Lavinia.
  • In the story, John Hallock hides the notions and ideas that he has about Helen, to Lavinia.
  • This leads to misunderstandings. However, when the truth is revealed, Lavinia is willing to accept her husband.
  • Just like in any family, there is turbulence and problems in the life of John and Lavinia. These are necessary, however, in order to strengthen the bond between them.
  • Things start falling in place when all the characters start  respecting the feelings of the others.
  • When they open up with each other, the problems are resolved. The story teaches us the importance of communication and expression of thoughts in the mind.
  • Thus, the story teaches the reader that respect, communication and trust are significant pillars on which any relationship rests.
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yes family relationship sometime go under checks and trials and in that situation it is very necessary to be frank and discuss the issue with one another in the family this is best described in the story a Shady plot through the character of John and lavinia John conceal the truth of Ghost from lavinia this led to misunderstanding between the partners while lavinia begin to suspect the issue and John was afraid that if lavinia came to know the truth then she would be terrified suspicion continuous and finally lavinia left John and moved to her grandmothers house if John would be frank and had told the truth to lavinia then such situation would not arrive hence when there is some tension in relationship it is very necessary to be frank with one another and discuss the issue rather than concealing it
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