Fastly say the answer for all

Fastly say the answer for all the conjunction. _ I did best to pass my English exam / so I failed. 2 will car Sv•viced and f for [herc something wrong with the brakes s" to the airport / to a his brother's identification On it or but he caught. Nobody Sam to get the job nor / so did I, We can go to a Chinese restaurant or / and a Mexican, I don i really mind. Combine each pair of sentences With the conjunction in parenthesis to make a new sentence. My pet goat Will eat almost anything. He likes vegetables best. (but) My family lives in the country, We have a lot of land. (and) 2. 3. We could go to the playground. We could go to the movies. (or) 4. Matthew went to the beach. Matthew learned to surf (and) 5. Mary' wanted to drive to the store. Her car wouldn't start. (but) 111. State Which is main and subordinate elause in the following sentences. l. As he was not there, could not speak to him. 2. I waited for him until he came. 3. We eat so that we may live. I don i know whether he is innocent. 5. If you eat too much, you Will fall ill. IV. Identify the underlined clause in each Of the following sentences. Write SUB for subordinate clause and IND for dependent clause. l. Every day that they should be recycling. 2. Since landfills are gegjng our school doesn't need to be contributing to the problem. 3. If our teachers recycled in their classrooms, it wpuld a example: students- of 4. Students o at ome could learn about it, these studen!s learn to recycle, they can show their family how to do it. V. Identify the pattern of the following sentence: 1. He torns his shirt 2. They gave mc coffee 3. Marry cooks deliciously 4. The cock is on the roof s. They gave a pen to him

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