Figure of speech of the entire poem of (The Road not Taken,Wind,Rain on the roof,The Lake of innisfree,No men are foreign,The Duck and the Kangaroo,On Killing. ATree,The Snake Trying,A Slumber did my spirit seal.)

Please give all this as soon as possible.
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Dear Student,

No men are foreign

1. Antithesis: juxtaposing two contrasting ideas

* "Are fed by peaceful harvests, by war’s long winter starv’d "

2. Pun: a play on words; signifying different meanings at the same time

* use of the word uniforms 

3. Consonance: repititions of similar consonant sounds in a line

* "awa r e of sun and ai r and wate r "
* "all shall lie"

4. Simili: comparing two things or ideas

* "a single body breathes
 Like ours"
* "the land our brothers walk upon
 Is earth like this"
* "eyes like ours"  

We hope that this answer solves your query. Kindly ask for other poems in a separate thread.

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