Fill in the blanks

A diesel tanker(a)_______ (catch) fire last evening when it(b)_______ (fill) up the underground tank of a petrol station situated on the GT road. Soon the fire from the tanker(c)_________ (reach) the stations administrative block. Suddenly the driver of the tanker(d)_________ (get) into it and(e)_________ (driver) it 25 yards ahead of the station. A big tragedy(f)______(avert) due to his brave act

Dear Student,

a) caught
b) filled
c) reached
d) got
e) drove
f) was averted


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The answer to this question is:=. (a)caught (b)was filled (c) reached (d)got (e) drove (f)averted :-)
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a) caught Filled Reached Got Drived Averted
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