Fill in the blanks choosing the most appropriate words from the given options.

Kairi, a folk instrument, (a)____________ out from the horn of the bison (Gaur) was an important medium for communication for people in villages. "It had (b)____________ out from the bison carcass within three days of its death," Khedekar said. "By(c)____________ air into it (the hole drilled in its middle), one could (d)____________ a melodious sound," he explained.

(a) (i) fashioned (ii) is fashioned (iii) fashioning (iv) had been fashioned

(b) (i) to be taken (ii) been taking (iii) be took (iv) been taken

(c) (i) having blown (ii) blowing (iii) the blowed (iv) blowed

(d) (i) produce (ii) produced (iii) be producing (iv) have produced





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