Fill in the blanks in the following passage by using the correct tense form of the verb given in the bracket

A 40 year old man(a)_______ (kill) and 6 others(b)_________ (injure) when the Van in which they(c)________ (travel) overturned after colliding with the truck last evening. Soon after the incident a huge crowd(d)_________ (gather) on the spot and(e)_________ (start) beating the river as he(f)_______ (find) to be under the influence of alcohol. The police arrived at the scene and arrested the driver

Dear Student,

The correct answers are given below-
a) was killed
b) were injured
c) were travelling
d) gathered
e) started
f) was found


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Please find the solution to your question:=was killed, were injured, were travelling, gathered , started, found
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