Fill in the blanks in the passage with suitable adjectives. (please give the answer soon)

  I went shopping with my _________ friend last Saturday. The ____________ shop was very ________, so we came out very quickly. The second one was  very ___________ with lots of music and CDs to listen to, and DVDs to look at. I chose four CDs to listen to. The first one was________, but the __________ one was___________! The other CDs were ________, but I decided to buy the second one. After that we looked at two cafes for lunch and chose the___________ one because  it has a __________ menu.I had a salad and a drink, and my best friend had a sandwich and ______________ cakes! She was very ___________ and couldn't choose a cake, as they were all so ________________, but in the end she choose a ________________ one and a __________ one, because the ________ ones were too _____________. That was an ___________ day.

So, ____________place did we go to the ____________ day? We went out for a movie with ___________________ colleagues.


These are the words which would best fill the given blanks:

  • Best
  • Tiny
  • Hot
  • Huge
  • Boring
  • Second
  • Amazing
  • Interesting
  • Second
  • Continental
  • Two
  • Confused
  • Delicious
  • Chocolate
  • Pineapple
  • Blackberry
  • Expensive
  • Exciting

  • 4 2.toy 3.crowded 4.comfortable 5.rocking 6.second 7.melodious 8.first 9.fastfood 10.tea 11.

  • 5
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