Fill in the blanks.
We(a) ---------(live) in the 21st century and (b) ----------(come) a long way since the generation of our parents and grandparents, but the idea of feminism where a woman(c) -------(value) as equally as her male counterpart is a seed that (d)-----(sow), since time immemorial .We (e) ------- (have) women from Rani of Jhansi to Shabana Azmi or Oprah winfrey in today’s times who(f) -------(consider)feminists. In many parts of the world , including India , women are still not treated at par with men and till this inequality persists, so will feminism as a society, we have not fully embraced this concept of equality.

a) are living
b) have come
c) is valued
d) has been sown
e) have had
f) have been considered

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