Fill in the blanks with an appropriate present tense form.
1. My parents ?????????.. near Chennai.
A. live
B. are living
C. have lived
2. I ?????????.. my parents twice a month.
A. visit
B. am visiting
C. have visited
3. ?What are you doing there?? ?I ???????????.. TV.?
A. watch
B. am watching
C. have watched
4. Watch carefully. First I ??????????. a cucumber and ??????????. it into small pieces.
A. am taking, am cutting
B. take, cut
C. am taking, cut
5. I will follow you wherever you ???????????..
A. will go
B. are going
C. go
6. I will call you if I ?????????? time.
A. get
B. am getting
C. have got
7. What ?????????. snakes ????????.?
A. do, eat
B. are, eating
C. are, eat

Dear student,

1. A. live
2. A. visit
3. B. am watching
4. B. take, cut
5. C. go
6. A. get
7. A. do, eat


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