Fill in the blanks with relative pronouns(who, whom, which, that) also state the difference between who and whom... PLZ GIVE EXACT DIFFERENCES ACCORDING TO BRITISH GRAMMAR

Q. Fill in the blanks with suitable relative pronouns ( who, whom, whose, which, that ).

   1. The Orient Theatre, .......... has been in existence for more than a hundred years, is going to be demolished in the coming months.

   2. One of the persons ............. I approached for support for our. NCO is the chairman of the Bindal Group of Industries.

   3. This is Mr Pathak, the celebrated author, ............  sixth novel will be launched next week.

   4. The well ................... used to be in one corner of our playground has been filled by the municipality.

    5. Those players ................ you met today have come from Ajmer to participate in the inter-school hockey championship.

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your questions.
  1. which
  2. whom
  3. whose
  4. that
  5. whom
Whom is the object or the one being acted upon. Who, on the other hand, refers to the subject about whom we are talking about.

Example - This is the boy who loves his parents. (Here 'who' refers to the subject, the boy)
This is the boy whom everybody loves. (Here 'whom' is used to show the object that everyone loves)

I hope you find the answer helpful. Please post more questions on the forum to be assisted by our team.
Thank you. 

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