Fill in the blanks with the adjectives given in the box

Bracket the ' Adjectives' in the following paragraph & write the kind which each of them belongs to. 

Detective Mr. Deanwood held the long arrow in his big hands to examine it. It was a perfect arrow with a good alignment. " And such arrows when they leave the bows always go straight", thought Mr . Deanwood. Suddenly his eyes caught the sight of a man passing by the window of his room. He was wearing a long coat & a small cap over head. He was followed by two dogs. Which way will the man go? Wood murmured to himself in a wistful mood.

Dear Student

The following are the adjectives in the above lines:-
  • long- Descriptive
  • big- Descriptive
  • perfect- Descriptive
  • good- Descriptive
  • his- Possessive
  • long- Descriptive
  • small- Descriptive
  • two- Quantity
  • which- Interrogative
  • wistful- Descriptive

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