Fill in the blanks with the correct auxiliary verbs or modals from the brackets.

1. I wasnt tired but my friend ___ (was/ had)

2. Is preeti here? She ____ here only five minutes ago had / was)

3. She said she would call later this evening but i dont think she ___ (would / will)

4. Are you had Sanjeev coming to the party? I am, but Sanjeev ___ not (is /have)

5. I dont know whether to apply for the job or not . Do you think I ________? Can / should)

6. Can you play a musical instrument? No , but I wish I ____ cld / should)

7. _____ I get up early in the morning tomorrow. (shall/ could)

8. You ____ clean your room immediately. (could/ should)

9. The fire spread through the building quickly but everybody ____ escape (might/could)

10. I lost my bunch of keys. I ____ dropped it somewhere. (have/ was)

1. was
3. will
4. is
5. should
6. could
7. shall
8. should
9. could
10. have

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