fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in the brackets.

1.what time the banks open here[do]

2.a liar is someone who never the truth[tell]

3.i lunch and then did my homework[finish]

4.every year i go to shimla for my holidays,but last year i to goa[go]

5.right now we tenses[learn]

You have not mentioned the blanks in your question and thus, the sentences can be written in various ways. The required form of the sentences are:

1. At what time does the bank open here?

2. A liar is someone who never tells the truth.

3. I finished my lunch and then did my homework.

4. Every year I go to Shimla for my holidays but last year I went to Goa.

5. Right now, we are learning tenses. 

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