1. Fill in the blanks with the correct word - 

1. ___________ bacteria causes citrus canker.

2. ___________ is a skin disease in humans caused by fungus.

3. The female Aedes mosquito is a carrier of the ________virus.

4. _______, ______ are chemicals that inhibit microbial growth.

5. When an antigen enters the body, the body produces proteins called ________ to destroy it.

6. A _________ is used to study microbes.

7. ________ is a unicellular fungus.

8. ________ made the first vaccine.

9. ________ microbe is present in our intestine as a friendly microbes.

10. ________ can kill disease causing microbes without causing injury to body.   plz help in the followig

Dear Student, 

1. Xanthomonas Bacteria causes citrus cancer.
2. Ringworm is a skin disease caused by fungi causing itchiness , rashes in humans.
3.  The female aedes mosquito is carrier of chikangunia virus.
4. Tetracycline,  sodium benzoate are the chemicals also the antibiotics. 

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