Fill in the blanks with two adjectives in each sentences from thengiven box red, boredlarge, rowdyenthusiastic, oldfirst,nloudcelebrated, dilapidated1 The _____church has withstood manynwars 2 Students at the unter-school fest were ________ 3 The ____naudience booed the actors on stage 4 He is the ___athelet of ournvillage 5 Our sun is a _______ ball of fire

Here are the sentences with the required fill in the blanks with double adjectives:

The old dilapidated church has withstood many wars.

Students at the inter-school fest were loud and enthusiastic.

The large bored audience booed the actors on stage.

He is the rowdy and celebrated athlete of our village. 

Sun is a large red ball of fire.

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