Fill in using the future tense - will future/going to /present progressive
1. They (drive) to New York tomorrow morning
2. I hope the weather (be) nice
3. I offered him this job. I think he (take) it
4. I promise I (not tell) your secret to anyone.
5. Take your umbrella with you. It (rain).

1.They will drive to New York tomorrow morning.
2.I hope the weather will be nice.
3.I offered him this job.I think he takes it.
4.I promise I won't tell your secret to anyone.
5.Take your umbrella with you.It is going to rain.
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1. will drive
2. will be
3. will takes
4. will not
5. is raining
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1.will drive
2.will be
3.will take
4.will not tell
5.will rain
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1.will drive
2. will be
3. will take
4. will not tell
5. will rain
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Sorry, 5. is raining
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