Fill the blanks:

A. Fill in the blanks .(one mark each)

1. Natural resources are the products of ___________and  ___________
2. Out of 400 verities of total Indian orchids, Assam is the home of nearly  ___________ orchid varieties. 
3. About  ___________nos of alkaloids have been isolated from the parts of Rauwolfies plants.
4. Quinine and cinchonine are obtained from  ___________ plant.  
5. wood is the secondary tissue belong to the order ___________.
6. The sericogenic insects belong to the order.  ___________
7. The female muga moth lays about  ___________ aggs on Kharika.
8. Pebrine is caused by  ___________
9. Kasseru is  ___________ food plant of eri silkworm.
10. Increase in concentration of toxicant at successive trophic levels is known as ___________
11. Major component of natural resources produced from Plants and Animals are called  ___________

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