Fill up appropriate word fasttt before 9 o clock pleaeeee

Fill up appropriate word fasttt before 9 o clock pleaeeee oy ms noble gesture, you joined him to help the aged. cue from following hints, write a letter to the editor of a newspaper in JOO- talking about your experience and the need to help motivate the neglected old to start afresh. 8 old —left homeless at old age homes-pittahle state — long to meet thor — their spouses separated trom them — Trnanc'al'y physically dependent —get aware of thetv rights — fun & day outs to get them a fresh alr — restore confi'iencc & zeal to these people, Q.4_ Write a short story in about 200-250 words using the hints provided: 10 Anna and her inends were playing on the beach when they saw footprints and started tobowmg them. But the footprints were growing bigger and bigger - An old man had two daughters He loved both of them. Once he asked them QS Read the following passage. Fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate options from the ones given below. Write the answer in your answer sheet against the correct blanks. Do not copy the whole passage. Ibe high-tech gadgets are now a part and parcel of our life Some of them proved to w opened up new vistas of knowledge very useful, happy and comfortable They (a) L entertainment and learning. The Internet us . provided rich sources (c) L best discovery of our age Ekrhaps (d) 2 9-7

(a) have
(b) and
(c) of
(d) the

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