fill ups with relative pronouns

fill ups with relative pronouns 'IfiYOQ WOPID sqoä JALANDHAR CITY GRADE HOUDAYS HOMEWORK 2018-19 Subject: Worksheet-I Fill in the blanks with the correct relati&e pronouns giu•n . Whose, who, that, which My is a great artist is also kno•n her ways fiyv cook for us. My father arc very reguiu_ she sells for quite a figure. arc a myster•.' us paintings place orders are very interesting A customer once came mth dog •he ten minutes that he at home My mother kern to nonce the noise until a been to sleep and requested to keep the dog quiet. t-,l..nk« given belo. using possessive pre.ouns.

Dear Student,
Following are the answers:
1. who
2. whose
3. which
4. who
5. who
6. who
7. who

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3. That 5. Who 6. Which 7. which
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which one
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