films are corrupting the youth

Such questions are meant to test your writing skills and should be attempted on your own. However, these points might help you elaborate:
- All types of content is shown in movies.
- At times, the violence is so extreme and graphic that it has a negative impact on impressionable minds.
- The youth start believing violence is a justifiable means to get justice.
- Crime and criminals are often glamorised in movies and the children emulate their favourite celebrities without much thought.
- A certain body type is promoted in movies as is a luxurious lifestyle: this leads some youngsters to go to any limits to acquire a certain dress or a gadget just to look 'cool'.
- The language and moves of most songs in movies these days are objectionable.
- But, we cannot lay all the blame on the movies for corrupting children: adult supervision by parents and teachers is required.
- The children must be taught what to follow and what to ignore by inculcating the values of right and wrong in them.

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Hi friends,

Movies are destroying our youth nowadays. New generation films are often industry aimed not art oriented. The introduction of lack moral, low-quality meaningless songs, use of vulgar words make the movies bad. We want to select best movies and avoid the bad one.
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In my view, the impact of the movies on the youth is rapidly increasing nowadays. It is agreed that nowadays movies become more commercialized than compared to old days. The directors are looking for only money and not take care of the content of the story. Some of the youth are imitating their favorite character put their life at risk.

We are watching the movies for the purpose of entertainment. At the same time, movies give us to not only entertainment and also it changes our way of thinking, change the way of seeing the world in a different manner, learn the social values, ethics and how to behave with others etc. If we are taking movies in a good vision sometimes it can change our lives. Vision is important here. If we are taking in a negative vision it destroys our lives. Vision is important here.

We can learn so many things by watching movies. For example, we don't know about epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. By seeing this in the movie we can get some awareness about our epics and also our traditions in that time, and also we can learn the language by seeing the movies in their language.

Movies can learn so many things to us. So take it as a good manner. Leave the bad thing in the movies.

Movies are only entertainment purpose and relax for our daily lives.
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