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Find answer 29 Bank — — 179 24. Ashish bought a typewriter and sold itat gain. lfhesold it for Rs. 4,025, what did he pay for it) 25. The price of rice was increased by 15%. Ifthe original price is Rs. 20 per kb find the new pnce. 26. Gaurav Sold his radio for Rs. ,280 thereby losing 20%. At how much should he sell it in order to gain 15%0 27. Shirish borrowed Rs. 30.000 from two banks each, for 3 years and 5 years respectively. Find the difference in interest paid by him if the rate of interest charged by both banks is 8%. 28. A fruit seller bought 25 dozens of oranges at the rate of Rs. 8 per dozen. He sold them at a loss of 5%. find the selling price of the oranges per dozen. 29. A man sold his scooter for Rs. 8,000 and lost 20%. For what amount should he have sold it to gain 20%) 30. In how much time will Rs. 600 amount to Rs. 720 at per annum rate of simple interest High Order Thinking Skills Questions 31• If the selling price of 10 articles is equal to the cost price of II articles, find gain loss 37 bedsheet for Rs. 150, a person loses 4%, for what amount shouldhesellitso

Suppose cost price of Scooter is Rs.x.
Loss = 20%
Then selling price = x-x×20100 = x-x5 = 4x5
And the given selling price of scooter is Rs.8000. So we have;
4x5 = 8000x = 8000×54 = 10000
So the cost price of scooter is Rs.10000.
For a gain of 20%; Selling price = 10000+10000×20100 = 10000+2000 = 12000
Therefore selling price of scooter should be Rs.12000 to gain 20%.

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