Find out what these expression mean and use them in sentences of your own:
a) go to down
b) go to waste 
c) go to great pains
d) go under the knife 
e)  go up in flames 
f) go up in smoke
g) go with a bang 
h) go without 
i) go along with
j) go begging 

Dear Student,
(a) This is a wrong expression. It should be 'go down' meaning 'to go lower down a level' (as in, The Captain asked him to go down the batting order) and 'to be recorded' (Your contributions will go down in history as an example of patriotism).
(b) Wastage of money and resources (As the opposition has called a strike tomorrow, all the money invested in organising the concert will 'go to waste'.
(c) Putting a lot of effort in doing something (You can trust Joseph to go to great pains to perform the task given to him).
(d) Be operated upon or undergo surgery (I go under the knife tomorrow for removal of the tumour on my back).
(e) To be damaged or destroyed; to be burnt down (Within a split second, the entire warehouse can go up in flames if the electric wires are not taken care of).
(f) Failing to get the desired result (With the installation of the Dr. Prasad as the new Prime Minister, Nanaji's dream of becoming a 'king-maker', will go up in smoke).
(g) This should be 'go off with a bang'. That means some event that has gone off successfully. (Congratulations! Your show did go off with a bang).
(h) To be deprived of (Do you know how long the human body can go without food and water?).
(i) To accompany; to adjust (I have decided to go along the tide under the circumstances).
(j) Unwanted (The question posed by the journalist did go begging as everybody seemed to be too uncomfortable to answer it).

Hope this information will clear your doubts about topic.

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