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Find the answer A each of its (J) rhe nearer a chord to the centre oi circlL, diameter of a circle is IS cm, What ctrcumierence• SELF-ASSESSMENF Mark any four points on a page of your exercise book and name them Draw a line on a sheet of paper and name it by using a small of the alphabet Drau and name it by taking any two points on 3 Mark two points on a piece of paper Name 'hem A and a Mark a third point C in such a way tha! (a) C is in between the points A and B and the three points are In a line (b) C is not In between A and B but the three points are In a one (c) the three points are not in a line Mark two points on a prece of paper and draw a "ne passing through bath the pants, HOG man, lines can you draw passing through both these points? Give two examples Of (a portion of) planes from your environment Draw a picture Of: (a) a llne: (c) a ray (b) a line segment:

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