find the coordinates of the point which divides the line segment joining the points (4,-5) and (6,2) externally in the ratio 3:2. plz answer it as quick as links plzzzz. also explain the soln too

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Let A4,-5 and B6,2Let the coordinates of the point be Px,y which divides the linejoining A and B in the ratio of 3:2 externally.We know thatCoordinates of P is given by:=mx2-nx1m-n,my2-ny1m-nHere, x1,y1=4,-5 and x2,y2=6,2and m:n=3:2So, x,y=36-243-2,32-2-53-2=18-81,6+101=10,16Coordinates of P is 10,16

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Draw a line segment with point A on one side and point B on another side.

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