Find the equation of the circle touching the line 2x + 3y + 1 =0 at the point (1, -1) and is orthogonal to the circle which has the line segment having end points (0, 3) and (-2, -1) as the diameter

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Diametric end of given circle are 0,3 and -2,-1.Hence equation of cirlce isx-0x+2+y-3y+1=0x2+2x+y2-2y-3=0x2+y2+2x-2y-3=0Let equation of required circle be x2+y2+2gx+2fy+c=0Applying condition of orthogonality we get:2g1+2f-1=c-32g-2f=c-3....i1,-1 lies on curve1+1+2g-2f+c=0 2g-2f=-c-2....iiBy i and iic-3=-c-2c=12i becomes2g-2f=12-3=-52g-f=-54...iiix2+y2+2gx+2fy+c=0x2+y2+2gx+2fy+12=02x2+2y2+4gx+4fy+1=0Now as curve and line touch each other at 1,-1 hence both will havsame slope at that point.Slope of line 2x+3y+1=0 is -23Now2x2+2y2+4gx+4fy+1=0Differentiate with respect to x4x+4y.dydx+4g+4f.dydx=0x+y.dydx+g+f.dydx=0At 1,-1, dydx=-231-1-23+g+f-23=01+23+g-23f=0Use iii1+23+f-54-23f=0f3=54-53f3=-512f=-54Put in ii to getg=-52Hence equation of circle is2x2+2y2-10x-5y+1=0

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