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A curious thing about the developed of
a motion pictures is that the first groups of
people who made it possible wasn't interested
in movies at all! The first inventions were make by
men who wanting to study the movement of animals.
Even Thomas Edison, which perfected a device
called 'kinetiscope' in 1893,think of it
only as a curiosity. But there were another people
who saw great possibilities with entertainment

developed - development
a - the 
groups - group
wasn't - weren't
inventions - invention
were - was
make - made
wanting - wanted
which - who
kinetiscope - kinetoscope
think - thought
another - other

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Error                Correction

Developed        Development
Groups              Group
Wasn't               Weren't
Make                 Made
Wanting            Want/Wanted
Which               Who
Think                Thought
Another            Other
With                 Of
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