find the natural no's whose square dinamished by 84 = 5 time number . pls answer  it's argently

solve the eqn 1/x+1 + 2/x+2= 4 /x+4

Dear student
We have,1x+1+2x+2=4x+4x+2+2x+2x+1x+2=4x+43x+4x2+2x+x+2=4x+43x+4(x+4)=4(x2+3x+2)3x2+12x+4x+16=4x2+12x+8x2-4x-8=0x=4±42-4182x=4±16+322x=4±482x=4±432xx=2±23
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wait 10 min plzz solving
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