Find the ommission word

Find the ommission word 5. Omission The foil hav edited. Write word word Which it. Underlin missing word. an example. (2016-01'WEKON. w;" of United Kingdom during much reign one of British He is one o lyricists in language. Rolling Stone* famous known many names The band first performance in and quick LV popular. There a huge demand for them OIL over Europe. Tangen is considered the greatest musician of India. He was one the nine jewels or •navnratnns' in the court Akbar. Tunsen was born in Gwalior. India, Tansen's real name Ramatanu Pandey. The title 'Miyan' was conferred Tansen by Akbar. (2016-C9qMMMl. Downstairs in lobby of the Porbandar Hotel, n sub-inspector the Gujarat police was showing photographs Saini and Priya to the receptionigt. The photographs been sent by his colleague. The policemen sure that the duo were hiding in a hotel. (201 g-HOJKESN) 5. lthnn is world's first under water restaurant 10G"ted in the Republic Of Maldives. In amazingly strange world that we live in, you would find very restaurants which cun compete the dining experience that one gets the Ithaa underwater restaurant. (2016-•SOGK6UM, Yt621NS) 6. He took OIT hat, revealing thick white hair, put his hands together and seemed be praying. Then they heard long loud moan coming from the shack that was just the street. It was evident that some one was distress. e.g., (c) e.g., is off the his

4.(a) inspector from the 
  (b) photographs of saini
  (c) photogra[hs had been
 (d) policemen were sure
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5.(a) In an amazingly
   (b) very few restaurants
   (c)compete with the
  (d)gets at the
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