Find the unknown angle?

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a+55=180    Linear paira=125a+b=180    Linear pair125+b=180b=55b=c     Alternate interior anglesc=55c+d=180    Linear pair55+d=180d=125d+e=180   Linear pair125+e=180e=55e+f=180   Linear pair55+f=180f=125g=f     Alternate interior anglesg=125k=a    Vertically opposite anglesk=125n=b     Alternate interior anglesn=55p=a    Corresponding anglesp=125s=e    Corresponding angless=55u=s   Vertically opposite anglesu=55v=p   Vertically opposite anglesv=125y=n   Vertically opposite anglesy=55z=g   Vertically opposite anglesz=125
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