Five positive and five negative attributes of Lencho

Dear Student, 

Positive attributes of Lencho:
  1. Immense faith in God.
  2. Despite facing multiple hardships, he did not lose hope. Thus, he was an optimist.
  3. He was hard-working.
  4. He was innocent.
  5. Dislikes corruption.
Negative attributes of Lencho:
  1. He had little trust in fellow human beings.
  2. He was naive to think that God sent the money.
  3. He was ignorant about how the world works.
  4. Despite working hard, one can say that he was not a master of his trade. He continued to adopt primitive agricultural practices. He did not make efforts to conserve water to tackle hardships. His illiteracy restricted his ability to maximize his output.
  5. He was a hard worker, not a smart worker.


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