flying is a natural act in birds then why was the young seagull exhausted by the strange exercise

don't know
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He was exhausted by the strange exercise because he was hungry he had not eaten anything since a day
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The seagull didn't have the courage to fly . Hence, he used to make excuses for not flying.He felt certain that his wings were to weak to support him. That's why he was exhausted by the strange excersise.
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The young seagull was not able to fly because of his hesitation and timidness. He was a coward and thought that his wings would never support him. He was just again and again trying to fly but the certain negative thoughts not let him succeed. Thus , he was exhausted by this strange exercise . But when he realised that if he will not fly he will die out of hunger he without thinking anything dived at the dog fish making his first flight.
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