Food become acidic in the stomCh

Food become acidic in the stomCh 3. earpc rntcstrnc I am S rttctcr 4. Appendix S. Lung Gise reosons. I)tgcstton is intposs't'le Ithout tnc. I play an irnporntnt Jn cscrctton. (l) Food octdtc tn the stotuoch. (2) Cardiac muscles are said to be im oluntary muscles, (3) Intoxicating substances should not be consumed. (4) hur muscles should be strong and etrrclent Ansner the f0110"ing. ow many t>pes of muscles are there llhjch are those npcs ? b) Vihat causes the problem of acidity hut is Its effect on the body ? ) Name the different npes of tect is the function Ofeoch type? ch and lobel a diagram or stne sĀ»stem

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Gastric juice in the stomach contains hydrochloric acid which makes food acidic. Hydrochloric acid activates pepsinogen into the enzyme pepsin, which helps in digestionof proteins.


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