For a certain 'test', a candidate could offer English or Hindu or both the subjects. Total number of students was 500, of whom 350 appeared in English and 90 in both subjects. Use set operations to show 1) How many appeared in english only 2) How many appeared in Hindi 3) How many appeared in hindi only ...ANSWER FAST PLEASE.....

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Let us denote Hindi as H and Emglish as E.Now according to questionnHE=500nE=350nHE=90We know thatnHE=nE+nH-nHE500=350+nH-90nH=240Hence 240 candidates appeared in Hindi only.Number of candidates who appeared in English only=nE-nHE=350-90=260Number of candidates who appeared in Hindi only=nH-nHE=240-90=150

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