for a particle moving along positive x axis ,acceleration is given as a=x.find the position as a fuction of time? given that at t=0,x=1 v=1.

Dear Student ,
Here in this case particle moving in positive x axis acceleration is a = x .
Let us take that the position of the particle is function of time and by taking that we get ,
a=etd2xdt2=etdvdt=etdv=etdtv=et+A   , where A=integration const .Now at , t=0 , x=1 and v=1 ,so A=0Therefore , v=etdxdt=etdx=etdtx =et+BNow again , x=1 at t=0 then B=0So, x=etSo here x is a function of time .
Here it is proved .

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