"for the children is wrapped in wonder, for the elders it is a means of survival". In the light of the above statement, write and acoount of the life and activities of the rag pickers settled in seemapuri.

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Saheb is a poor belonging to a refugee family from Bangladesh. His family came to Delhi and settled in the trans-Yamuna area called Seemapuri. Here they have no work to do. they pick garbage to make their livelihood Saheb also like others looks and searches the garbage dumps for some coins. they leave their houses in the morning with a bag on their back to collect something from the garbage. they remain barefoot it has become there Habit not to wear any footwear. Thus the families like saheb leave behind a life of abject poverty in flood hit areas of Bangladesh and India. they come to big cities in the hope of getting some work. in the absence of work they being rag picking.
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For adult rag picking was only a mean of survival but for children a lot of excitement was associated with the same for they often found unexpected things as a 10 rupee note in the same there was always a hope of coming across unexpected surprises and so garbage was raped in wonder for them.
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