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Shailee Parmar , asked a question
Subject: English , asked on 26/7/13

Format of Informal Letter.

Shubham The Unbeatable , added an answer, on 9/2/12
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formal letter

your add/senders add
space(1 line)
(1 line spc)
receivers designation eg-the editor/the commisioner etc)
receivers add
sir/madam(or dear sir /madam-dear is optional)-this is the salutation
subject: (underline the subj)
intro -1st para
body-2nd para
conclusion-3rd para
yours truly(for editor),yours sincerely(others)
your name

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Bluestar , added an answer, on 9/2/12
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Informal letter  is a letter written to someone where you wish to convey your emotions. This may be written to your friends, parents, relatives and to anybody who are close to you.This type of letter does not demand for any dashing words to impress the recipient.Informal letter is written to communicate feelings, facts or desires to some one. In order to assure that the recipient receives the message correctly a format is needed for an informal letter.Though it is not rigid as a formal letter, it is essential to follow a particular format in writing an  informal letter .

The recipient of the letter should be aware of the sender and his/ her details before getting into the message.So it is essential to write the sender's name and address at the beginning of the letter.The date should be written after leaving a line.All this should be written on the left hand corner of the page. They should be written starting with capital letters.

sender's name

sender's address



The salutation part written with the name of the recipient is essential to make it clear to whom it is addressed. For example if writing to a friend one can write: 
dear (name of the friend) instead of dear friend

The body of the informal letter will contain the message to be conveyed . This can be written in 1 or 2 paragraphs.

The first paragraph may be an introduction where you enquire the recipient"s whereabouts.The second paragraph may contain the actual message and conclusion. The message to be conveyed should be clearly written. The conclusion should include conveying regards.

sign off

Finally it is signing off the letter. It is always ended with the name of the sender. It is usually ended with

your loving friend,

your loving son/ daughter,

your loving sister/brother

The sender's name and signature.

Thats for the informal letter the 1st website down there is the eg to the informal one:)

eg of the formal ..
Sender's Name
Telephone Number
Email Address


Recipient's Name

Dear Mr./Ms. ( Recipient 's Full Name):


In the first paragraph, you can introduce yourself, if the recipient does not know you. After this, mention the purpose of the letter. 

In the next paragraph, give out the details i.e. the facts that support the statement you made in the first paragraph. You can end the letter with this paragraph or you can have another one, if the information you want to convey does not fit in this paragraph. Complete the letter by thanking the recipient for taking out time to read the letter.

Respectfully Yours,

(Your Signature)

(Your Name)

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Madhura Sarkar , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 29/7/13
Dear Student,

Please find below a sample example of an informal letter:

For other formats we request you to please ask in separate threads.

Keep posting!!


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Vichu , added an answer, on 7/3/13
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From Address  ( Don't write from address in your answer)




Dear .................,






Yours lovingly,

Name  (If not given put XYZ or ABC etc as name , same for address)


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Anu Nair , added an answer, on 14/10/12
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An informal letter in common English has the following:

Date (upper right corner)

Salutation (intro word and name of addressee - may be as simple Dear Mark or as personal as Darling)

letter (style will vary depending on content and closeness of addressee to writer)

Closing (again - simple and may be personal)

Note: addressee's address and your address are placed on the envelope only, they do not appear in the letter (unless you are making an address change and they need to know the new address). Most of the time they already know your address so why mother them with repeating it.


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Avinash Kumar , added an answer, on 9/3/13
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 from address


dear so and so,

your friendly,

your name


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Bindu Dinesh , added an answer, on 26/9/12
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what is a format for informal letter

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Ritwick Jha , added an answer, on 18/7/13
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From address




Complementry close 


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Pappu , added an answer, on 13/4/13
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format of formal letter

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Richard Stanley , added an answer, on 15/6/13
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 Till now no experts answered.............

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Shivangi Panda , added an answer, on 17/3/13
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Deer , added an answer, on 20/3/13
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