Four samples A,B,C,D are prepared by adding a pinch of copper sulphate , a spatula of copper sulphate, a spatula of chalk powder and some milk to water respectively.
1) Which of the following is the colloidal solution among them?
B) D
D) A

2) Which of the these will form a clear and transparent solution?
1) A
2) B
3) A and B
4) B and D

3) Which of the these will exhibit the Tyndall effect ?
1) A and D
2) A and B
3) B and C
4) D

Dear student,

(1) Out of all milk in water is colloid in which liquids are dispersed in liquids. 

The correct answer is (B)

(2) Copper sulphate in water form homogenous and clear solution.

The correct answer is (3) A and B 

(3) The colloidal solution will scatter the light and show Tyndall effect.
The correct answer is (4)



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